What is Alimony and Do I Need a Lawyer?

Alimony or spousal support is a court-ordered monthly payment made by one spouse to the other who is in a financially inferior position. Payments continue until the other party finds a stable job to support their household. Remarriage can also terminate alimony payments. The laws regarding spousal support vary from state to state, and consulting an attorney that is well-versed in alimony law is crucial to determining the specifics of ease case.

After the dissolution of a marriage, legal professionals discuss the dynamics of any necessary alimony. Law professionals must gather the proper paperwork and documentation to determine the specifics of spousal support. Attorneys ask important questions like:

●How much alimony does each party want?

●How long will spousal support payments last?

●How will the alimony payments be collected?

●What happens if one party wants to change the terms of spousal support payments?

Attorneys will negotiate with each spouse and draft appropriate paperwork to make the alimony or spousal support payments legally binding.

Why do I need an Tennessee alimony lawyer?

Determining alimony payments are difficult. A legal expert first assess the length of time the marriage lasted and the assets that were acquired during this period. Then the financial assets of both parties are evaluated by an alimony lawyer. If the evaluation determines that one of the parties may be unable to support the same post-divorce lifestyle, alimony payments are calculated. A lengthy marriage will likely result in larger spousal support sums whereas the opposite is true for marriages that only last for a brief period of time.

When spousal support proceedings are in progress, all assets—including real estate and even liquid assets—can become a major risk. Having an attorney well-versed in alimony law by your side can help protect your investments. Researching alimony attorneys in your area will help you choose the legal expert best suited to represent your case. Hiring an inexperienced lawyer can only worsen things during a stressful split so hiring an experienced alimony attorney is critical.

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