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According to Special Needs Answers The SSA initially denies approximately 70 percent of all disability applications, and many individuals give up at this point.  This is a mistake.  If taken through the appeals process, claims have a fairly high chance of being approved.  But having skilled disability attorney in this process will up your chances of success and is strongly advised.

Research has shown that using a social security disability lawyer can help you with your social security disability claim substantially while increasing the chances of you obtaining benefits you deserve. In order to be approved for social security disability benefits you have to provide medical documents to show that your disability is anticipated to last at least 12 months. Employing the services of a skilled Tennessee disability lawyer will alleviate you from the burden of having to obtain medical documentation along with other required documentation to prove our disability.

A skilled disability lawyer will assist you in submitting the disability application, and represent you at your disability hearing should your initial claim be denied.

The chances of obtaining your disability benefits should your claim be herd by an administrative law judge are significantly decreased whenever a disability claimant doesn't hire a skilled disability lawyer. For this reason, the majority of SSI and SSD claims will have to go to a hearing before an administrative law judge in order disability claimant can receive social security disability benefits. It's at this level of an ALJ hearing that having a experienced disability lawyer to represent you can increase your chances of winning your disability claim. A Tennessee Social Security lawyer can guarantee that a case will be properly prepared and ready to present before the hearing date.

Hire A Disability Lawyer who knows the Social Security Disability System inside and out..

Nearly all SSDI and SSI claimants will likely have no clue on how to effectively and thoroughly prepare for a social security disability  ALJ hearing causing the denial of the initial disability case, as opposed to a skilled disability attorney who has the knowledge and expertise concerning Social Security rules and regulations. Our Knoxville Disability Law Firm has several years of  SSDI and SSI claim experience to ensure our social security disability clients cases are won. Our Knoxville disability attorneys know what a judge will be looking for with a particular medical condition, and will know what questions to ask your doctor in order to prepare for your hearing.

Because we only get paid if you win, they do a great many things to ensure that an SSDI or SSI claim will have the best chance of winning. This includes obtaining important medical records and test results, obtaining detailed statements from a claimant's treating doctors, and applying a thorough understanding of SSA regulations prior to the hearing.

The Knoxville TN disability attorneys at our law firm will attempt to speed up the scheduling of your hearing before an administrative law judge, or even eliminate the need for a hearing altogether by preparing a case and argument that is supported by objective medical evidence which will justify either a listing level approval or a medical vocational awarding of benefits.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused by the Social Security Disability claim process, you should consider contacting a disability attorney  to help you with your disability clam. A skilled disability lawyer will be able to offer the legal advice so that you can be get your benefits as soon as possible. If you have become disabled due to an accident or due to any other health reason you owe it to yourself to contact our Knoxville disability law firm to start the process of obtaining the benefits that you deserve.