Products Liability

Products Liability Claims

The attorneys at at our personal injury law firm believe in obtaining justice and compensation for our Tennessee clients involved in product liability claims.

When you or your family suffers an  injury from poorly designed, malfunctioning or inherently dangerous products, you may wonder if there is anything or anyone you can trust. You believed the products you used were safe, yet you now face loss of health, medical expenses and potential funeral costs. Where can you turn for help?

At our firm we believe you have a right to justice. Our attorneys have devoted their careers to representing individuals and families injured by dangerous and defective products. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled Knoxville, TN personal injury lawyer.

You Have a Right to Compensation

Every day, unsuspecting individuals and family experience injury or wrongful death from defective consumer products or dangerous medical devices. As personal injury attorneys, we have handled numerous cases involving disfiguring burns, permanent disability or amputation from faulty:

• Automotive products

• Industrial products

• Sporting goods

• Household products

• Medications

As experienced Tennessee personal injury attorneys, we understand the anguish you may face and the anger you may feel. It frustrates us when manufacturers and retailers knowingly produce and distribute defective products. We believe they should be held accountable and our lawyers stand ready to work on your behalf to