Deciding Who Gets What in a Divorce

Division of Property and Assets

Divorce creates a host of questions about fair and equitable division of marital property. Dividing the marital property requires serious consideration and an experienced divorce lawyer who understands what’s at stake in proper asset division.

●Who gets the house?

●Who gets the car(s)?

●How are the 401K and other retirement or pension funds divided?

Bank accounts, investments, what happens to the family business, who gets the dog:  all can become areas of contention during a divorce. it is critical that you hire a skilled team of legal professionals that provides the advice and representation clients need in divorce and other family law related matters. A top rated divorce family law attorney helps his or her's clients determine how they can effectively separate their lives for the benefit of everyone involved.

Do I need a divorce lawyer? 

Yes you will need to contact an experienced divorce attorney to discuss your objectives regarding asset division in your divorce. From real property to financial assets and more, you will need a skilled legal team who knows how Tennessee courts will assess the unique picture of each divorce case and will work with accounting specialists to carefully evaluate such vital marital property issues as:

●Identifying property and assets owned before the marriage

●Determining the property and assets acquired during the marriage

●Valuation of separate and joint marital property

Other issues such as claims to individually titled property, valuation and division of a family-owned business and dividing pre-marital assets replaced during the marriage require an attorney skilled in all aspects of asset division. 

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