Social Security Disability Facts

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The majority of Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Social Security Income claimants (SSI) will likely have no clue on how to properly and thoroughly prepare a SSDI or SSI case for a ALJ hearing, whereas an experience disability attorney that has a advanced level of knowledge and experience regarding to the Social Security regulations and rules. And, most of the time, a disability lawyer will have many years of crucial Social Security Disability claim experience that will help a claimant's disability case. A skilled disability lawyer will greatly increase your chances of winning your disability case.

1. Don't delay to file your disability claim.

No matter what anyone tells you, if you're disabled and your ability to work is impaired, it is always good advice to pursue a claim for Social Security disability and get it filed right away.

Reason why: Social Security Disability claims usually takes quite a long time to process. This is not true in every case, however it is in the majority of disability claims.The fact is that, many disabled claimants for disability benefits experience economic difficulty mainly because they was clueless about how long the claim process would be.

2. Hire a skilled disability lawyer to appeal a denial.

Should you be turned down on your initial disability claim, it is always good advice to obtain a experienced disability attorney, to represent you that will assist you with your disability claim for ongoing and retroactive benefits (disability backpay).

Reason why: The way the social security disability system works, a claimant is going to be either approved on the initial claim or is going to be required to continue with the appeals process. The majority of claimants will need to go to a ALJ hearing if they wish to be be approved, and going to a hearing before an administrative law judge unrepresented by a disability lawyer can really hurt your chances at winning.

3. Get help with the disability claim application.

If you believe you might have difficulties doing the paperwork for your Social Security disability claim, obtain the assistance of a skilled disability law firm immediately.

Reason why: An exceptional number of individuals who file a claim for disability benefits, or file an appeal after being denied, neglect to correctly complete the required documents, or fail to submit the paperwork when they're due (appeals for disability claim must be filed within sixty days of the date of the last denial). Incomplete documents or overlooked deadlines can lead to a denial.

4. Visit the doctor regularly  to keep medical conditions updated.

Because your disability claim is going to be considered based on your medical records, the best advice is to get frequent, on-going medical attention in the months before you apply for your disability claim..

Remember that even if you're Social Security disability claim is approved , and your past medical records indicate that you're disabled, you can be at the mercy of continuous disability evaluations. An judge or examiner won't be able to approve your disability claim for ongoing SSDI benefits without having current medical records to verify your disability claim.

Reason: In the event you try to obtain a supporting statement from your physician, you might have trouble getting your doctor to cooperate if you haven't been going to see the doctor on a regular basis. In the event you lose your health care coverage before your disability claim for benefits is approved, try to be seen by medical provider at a, county health department, free clinic or emergency room. Even though these health care provider sources aren't the ideal, they're, better than nothing. Additionally, the SSA might not think that your medical condition is serious if you're not going to a physician for treatment on a regular basis. Keep in mind this advice: typically. you can't be approved for social security disability if you're not seen by a physician or medical provider at the very least once every two months